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Snowy Mountain

Teeth Whitening

Unlock your smile potential and show everyone your pearly white teeth with confidence!

Peroxide-based gel

The two main products used for teeth whitening are hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, the oxygen molecules within these whitening agents weaken your tooth stains on a molecular level. 

Teeth Whitening

High-intensity light

Our clinic uses a LED light that is safe and proven to activate chemical compounds in the whitening agents, which will significantly speed up the whitening progress. 

Clinical vs At-home

Clinical teeth whitening usually uses a high percentage of hydrogen peroxide for optimal results. 

And with the ability to
isolate the teeth with the gums, it prevents burning when applying the chemicals and during the LED light treatment. 

Interesting Facts

Some teeth whitening actually kills germs that cause bad breath, reduces bacteria buildup! 
Teeth whitening is not permanent and will require aftercare to achieve best results. 

Coffee, tea, red wine will stain the teeth and slowly build up which makes the teeth appears yellowy. 

Book a Teeth Whitening Appointment

For more information and securing a spot, please schedule an appointment with us. :)

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